Galentines Day and Love Notes

Galentine’s Day” has transcended from one of our favorite shows, Parks and Recreations, and become established in everyday culture. On February 13, Galentine’s Day, a nonofficial holiday, is celebrated as a day for “ladies celebrating ladies.” So what better way to celebrate a day of friendship than with rosé, sweets and a whole lot of special handwritten notes.

When we saw these adorable mailboxes we couldn’t resist but put together a sweet Galentine’s Day tablescape. We don’t know about you but receiving fun REAL mail, in a world of emails, is the best thing ever! The idea also came full circle when we went looking for our pink, red, and white card stock and coordinating pens and markers, we came across my most favorite piece of mail EVER.

That little message in a bottle was actually delivered via the USPS! Now, you may not know but our love/hate relationship with the post office is real strong. Sending invitations or dealing with stamps shouldn’t be as difficult as it sometimes is but we don’t really have a choice…

I digress, this little Valentine’s Day message was written by my good friend Joanne. She wrote me the sweetest note and after saving this for 16 years (where does the time go?) I re-read it before placing it on the table and it made me cry. Not sad tears, but happy tears. 16 years ago we were in college and life was so different then. Her words were just what I needed to hear and although I LOVED it then, I LOVE it even more now.

When simple invitations don’t get delivered or get lost in the mail, I still am in awe that this little bottle (it is plastic for anyone wondering how it traveled so well) made it to my mailbox. I also feel very strongly that my friend Joanne started Galentine’s Day without even knowing it because celebrating wonderful friendships that get you through all the ups and downs are the most special of all.

So with that, we encourage you to write a note, a letter, whatever “floats your boat” to a friend or loved one and just share the love.

Happy Galentine’s Day everyone!


Team Limani

Product ideas:

-Mailboxes from the one and only Target

-Heart shape (and delicious) cookies from Whole Foods