You Float My Boat, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day! When we came across this adorable card “You Float My Boat” we couldn’t resist putting a fun tablescape idea together.

For all our non-Greek speaking friends out there, have you ever wondered what does Limani actually mean and stand for? Well, limani means seaport. Our mom Angie grew up in the southern part of Greece about a couple of miles away from a small seaport, the limani at Agrili. Our grandfather use to go fishing from this seaport and our home in Greece is about a mile away from it. We learned to swim there and it was out go to place when we visited for the summer.

Our love of the sea stems from this seaport and when we were deciding on our company name I wanted it to be something we both loved and inspired us. Spending hours looking into the horizon and admiring beautiful sunsets is the best medicine for life. Ideas, wishes and dreams seem possible and achievable. Nature’s color palette is at its finest when the sea and the sky meet.

Whenever we get to incorporate any sea inspired moment into our designs it is such a treat and when we came across this “You Float My Boat” #valentinesday card we fell in love! The place setting was completed with our signature paper boat. It is our company logo-you can’t have a seaport without boats!

For the desserts we purchased Whole Foods’ already made cupcakes but inserted the little gummy fish into the frosting, some to look like they are coming out of the frosting and some to look like they are diving in. These little dessert hacks make for a pretty (and easy) set up!

Sending you lots of love today (and everyday)!


Team Limani